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Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy (core book)

Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy is a roleplaying game of cinematic action set in the daring times of the Magical-Industrial Revolution.

Welcome to the Fantastic 19th Century!

Under the sky crowded with airships, steam-powered cars race the streets. The marriage of magic and science gave birth to mechanical golems, cabalistic thinking machines and fearsome iron dragons. Yet most of the world is still unexplored – who knows what treasures and mysteries await deep in the jungles and high on the mountain tops. In the dark corners of the earth the undead lurk (a terrible reminder of the Great War) while villains and evil masterminds plot their deranged plans.

These daring times demand extraordinary heroes. And sometimes ‘extraordinary’ is just not enough!

Wolsung runs on an easy-to-learn set of rules designed to simulate the thrills of action movies, comic books and video games straight onto your gaming table.

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Extraordinary Voyages

ExtraordinaryVoyagesXIX century is the age of the last great discoveries. The last moment to explore places which no other adventurer has visited before. What would these distant lands be without temples lost in the jungle, tombs of ancient emperors, filled with gold and traps, and ruins of legendary cities?

Treasures and cursed artefacts are guarded by unusual antagonists: hungry desert spirit, piranha-men from Amacunu and mysterious creatures of Purgatoria.

Are you ready?

In Extraordinary Voyages you’ll find:

  • Complete descriptions of 12 colonies and 4 mysteries of the world.
  • Info about ancient civilisations, nonvanadian dragons and the past of the contemporary colonies.
  • Additional rules for poisons, diseases and high noon duels.
  • 9 organizations from faraway lands.
  • 32 new Edges, 35 exotic gadgets, 10 cursed artefacts and 28 unusual Achievements.
  • 13 new opponents.
  • 15 campaign seeds and 207 new adventure ideas.

Extraordinary Voyages is a supplement for Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy, and to fully use it, you need the core book.

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Free Test Drive


In the Steam Pulp Fantasy: Test Drive you will find everything you need to create your own extraordinary Lady or Gentleman and participate in action-packed pulp adventure in the Fantastic 19th Century.

It includes:

  • rules for tests and conflicts;
  • character creation and advancement;
  • sample gadgets and edges;
  • rules for magic and sample powers;
  • a unique Achievements system.

Just read the booklet and you can start right away. It’s fun and it’s free!

Do you prefer Spanish? Click here for Wolsung: Kit Introductorio.

You can also get all Wolsung PDFs on DriveThruRPG !

Free World Tour!

WorldTourCoverSteam Pulp Fantasy: World Tour is a swift journey around the globe and a free introduction to our setting. In the booklet you will find:

  • scenes from the modern life;
  • behind-the-scenes on the Eight Races;
  • interesting facts about the newest technomagical inventions;
  • full description of Lyonesse, the City of Cities;
  • full description of the Wotanian Empire;
  • descriptions of the five distant continents, along with story ideas;
  • turning points from the world’s history.

The world if waiting for you!

Do you prefer Spanish? Click here for Wolsung: Guia del Mundo.

You can also get all Wolsung PDFs on DriveThruRPG !