In this section you will find maps, character sheets and other useful stuff. Enjoy!

Character Sheets




Big Trouble in Little Scylla

ScyllaA fast-paced adventure of romance, treason and the halfing mobsters in Lyonesse. You can read it online or download a printer-friendly version.

Deck of Useful

  • wolsung_deck_of_usefulFour Archetypes-In-a-Nutshell. No matter if you are a Daredevil, en Explorer, an Investigator or a Socialite, these will help you use your cards under any circumstances.
  • Rules summary for each type of conflict. Introducing advanced rules: ranges in Combat, route difficulty in Chases and Levels of formality in discussions!
  • Concise listing of actions in conflicts (it’s good to have it at hand).
  • Stunts! Rules for new actions your character can take in a conflict: from an aimed attack through a forceful blow to a polite request.

You can get your Deck of Useful in two versions: optimized for digital viewing and print-and-play version.