Wolsung is brought to you by an enthusiastic team of gamers and game designers from Poland.

The original game was published in 2009 in Poland and immediately become the favourite game-of-choice for many players. Now it’s time to share the exciting world of steam pulp adventures with all english-speaking gamers. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Our favourite games

We started playing in the 90ties and (as these were some interesting times in Poland) there was no D&D. So we played all we could and some of those games influenced Wolsung in one way or another:

  • Warhammer Fantasy Role Play – the first RPG published in Polish. No wonder we still have a soft spot for the dwarves with big guns.
  • 7th Sea – oh, the joys of swashbuckling! The fights, the chases and the cinematic (albeit slightly bugged) approach to game rules.
  • The Call of Cthulhu – what can be better than a long investigation concluded with an utter and irrevocable madness?
  • Deadlands – cards and tokens. Yay!
  • World of Darkness – the drama and the obligatory make-up was quite fun at the time. And the strong social background of the stories we played – that was something new.
  • D’n’D 4.0 – ultra-playable, fun and we definitely liked the video-game mechanisms converted to a pen-and-paper game system.
  • Savage Worlds – cards and tokens plus fun, fast and furious rules. Double yay!