Extraordinary Voyages!

We are happy to announce that the newest Wolsung sourcebook is available on DriveThruRPG. The core book focused on Vanadia and only briefly described the rest of the world. Extraordinary Voyages focus on the other continents and show them as they are seen by the Vanadians.


In the sourcebook you will find:

  • Complete descriptions of 12 territories and 4 mysteries of the world.
  • Info about ancient civilisations, nonvanadian dragons and the past of the lands that become vanadian colonies.
  • Additional rules for poisons, diseases and high noon duels.
  • 9 organizations from faraway lands.
  • 32 new Edges, 35 gadgets, 10 cursed artefacts and 28 unusual Achievements.
  • 13 new opponents.
  • 15 campaign seeds and 207 new adventure ideas.

The whole world awaits you. Are you ready to face it?


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