The Day Urda Sank

A spectacular story of dread and danger now on DriveThruRPG!

TheDayUrdaSankThe Day Urda Sank is a world-shaking mini-campaign for Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy that confronts Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen with the most hideous creatures lurking beneath the waves. Our heroes protect Lyonesse from Deep Ones, exorcise a being from out of time and sabotage a ritual performed by Father Dagon. This epic confrontation will take our characters from flooded Lyonesse to the melting North Pole and may allow them to even save the world. What more does a great steampulp horror tale need?

In The Day Urda Sank you’ll find:

  • Three arcs of an epic steampulp horror adventure that can take one session each:
  • The Doom That Came to Lyonesse – an investigation in flooded capital of Alfheim with grande finale in the clock tower of Tall Tom!
  • On Alien Tides – a northbound journey in a submarine threatened by Deep Ones, kraken, time-bending technology and, worst of all, foreign agents!
  • The Shadow over Arctic – a desperate expedition through the melting North Pole where ancient things wake and try to regain world domination!
  • Adventure ideas to develop the apocalyptic plot even further!
  • A new antagonist: The Messenger, a powerful being from out of time and space!
  • Rules for boarding a submarine!

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