New World Map

For all explorers out there we added a high quality version of the wolsung world map from the Extraordinary Voyages to our Download section. Many exciting adventures and thrilling discoveries!

Extraordinary Voyages!

We are happy to announce that the newest Wolsung sourcebook is available on DriveThruRPG. The core book focused on Vanadia and only briefly described the rest of the world. Extraordinary Voyages focus on the other continents and show them as they are seen by the Vanadians.

We are back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, after some technical problems the site is back and, what is the most important, the download section is fully operational. There might still be some missing links in the post archives – we are gradually fixing them up. Thank you for your patience!  

The Day Urda Sank

A spectacular story of dread and danger now on DriveThruRPG! The Day Urda Sank is a world-shaking mini-campaign for Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy that confronts Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen with the most hideous creatures lurking beneath the waves. Our heroes protect Lyonesse from Deep Ones, exorcise a being from out of time and sabotage a Read More …

How it works: Technology and magic

Some time ago one of Wolsung readers sent us a question about technology and magic in our game. How do they interfere? What is technology based on? What has changed in the usage of magic after the Industrial Revolution? Today we’ll answer these question. Dear students, let the first lecture in Technical Thaumaturgy begin!